Cellulose Insulation for Walls & Attics: The Best Choice for Insulating a Minot Home.

Cellulose insulation is among the best choices for insulating your home.  Made of recycled newsprint, it requires less energy to produce; it is by far the most environmentally friendly insulation choice.  Here are some benefits to consider.

  • Superior Thermal Performance:  Cellulose conforms to wall cavities and fills voids better than other insulation types.  This creates a tighter thermal envelope (the barrier between inside and outside) and makes your home more energy efficient (lower utility bills) than other insulation types.
  • Sound Control: A quiet home is a relaxing home, and  proper insulation will make a more peaceful living environment.
  • The Safe Choice: It’s treated with fire retardant and limits the amount of oxygen needed to fuel a fire.  Made from  recycled paper, Cellulose insulation is non toxic and is among the safest building materials used in home construction.
At B & B Insulation of Minot our Cellulose Insulation supplier is Applegate Insulation.  They’ve been providing quality insulation since 1952.  They are leader in their industry with a proven track record of providing a quality product, and reliable, proven service.  At B & B we work with the best to make sure you get the best.
Cellulose Insulation in Minot, ND

A Typical Cellulose Insulation Installation before the Sheetrock is installed.